Every gorgeous concept from the High Museum of Atlanta’s Dream Cars exhibit

Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas is an amazing exhibit currently at the Atlanta High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia that puts on display some of the most famous and influential concept cars of the last 80 years. Everything from the space age inspired designs of Harley Earl to low-slung, angular… »7/03/14 5:13pm7/03/14 5:13pm

Lapping Monza in the Best Formula 1 Simulator in the World

I’ve been a fan of racing games for just about my entire life and it’s one of the biggest reasons why I’ve come to love cars and racing as much as I do. It started with Pole Position on the Atari in the early 80s, and continued with Rad Racer on the original Nintendo Entertainment System a few years later. These… »9/06/13 5:43pm9/06/13 5:43pm